Random Farm Updates: goats and aquaponics

1) Through a series of interesting events we found out that you can make / buy systems that allows you grow your own fodder for your livestock, hydroponically. Commercial systems can feed 150+ head of horses or cattle and cost as much as a really nice truck. YouTube taught us that we could make a small scale one ourselves. Thank you YouTube and, luckily, I married the right man. My first thoughts were “we could never duplicate the necessary conditions here so it won’t work, can’t do it, bummer, oh well.” Neil’s first thoughts were “Hey I just picked up some stuff at Walmart and Lowes so lets go get 500 lbs of barley and get started tonight and the best part is it will rain in the kitchen! and of course it will work the first time round. I’m brilliant, remember?” He is really good for me.


And it does work. I’ll post more about the specifics of the system later, when it is actually working as an operational system but for now it is really promising. The goats love it, the chickens love it, and it could be awesome. And yes the best part is that it rains in our kitchen every four hours.

2) Aquaponics is happening at our house!!! We are still building the system at Ron’s with the ridonculous fish tank but we managed to get some IBC totes for free so we will be building our own 160 square foot garden fed by two 250 gallon fish tanks on our property. We also got 22 tons of gravel dropped on our drive way for free too. [happy dance]. That will be the grow medium and level bases for everything.

The combination of kids and a big gravel pile is magical.


The combination of my husband’s new angle grinder and resultant sparks is also magical. Please notice yet another thing that can be done in flip-flops. And Look! perfect grow beds!


The one on the left will be a fish tank. We are experimenting with paint colors for blocking light. Of course black would be the obvious choice, but we would rather not boil our fish alive in August.

3) Ginger needs to have her babies already! Seriously! She spends most of the time on the ground, when she isn’t head butting Frosty, which is about right for any female as pregnant as Ginger is. Farming is teaching me patience. Stupid patience.


And these pictures were taken last week. She is almost wider than she is long.


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2 responses to “Random Farm Updates: goats and aquaponics

  1. Baby goats?? Can I have a play date? 🙂

    • Actually I’m thinking I’m going to throw a popsicle party as soon as baby goats can be played with for anyone that wants to come see them. I’ll put you on the invite list! =)

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