Roos ‘N’ More

When my friend first told me about this place, I heard “Ruzenmoore,” as in some exotic last name. Nope. It is “Roos n More” as in kangaroos. Who knew such awesomeness existed a mere hour drive north of the valley?

All of this is from their website, but this place is like an exotic animal petting zoo. It was started by a couple that are both vets, and because of that people are allowed to handle and hold alot of the animals. They had the usual petting zoo fare…a goat, a pot bellied pig, a baby alpaca. But they also had these:

Baby capuchin monkey. They had two older ones in a cage with a much bigger lemur and those three were hilarious. Chasing and snuggling each other and using the big one as an elevator, they were easily little man’s favorites.

 This is us getting loved on by a coatimundi. The coatis love fruit and so this guy loved my hair. Layna liked him…eventually. I also had my personal space seriously compromised by a very friendly bear-cat who also loved fruit.

Garyn did great with his new friend. Although…after holding the toucan I did have a craving for fruit loops the rest of the day…strange.

 Lemurs were the other favorite. The munchkins really love a TV show called “Kratts Kreatures” that has a lemur named Zaboomafoo. So they got to meet Zaboo’s long lost cousin. The lemurs would run and jump at the cage which was super funny…if you were expecting it. Not all the kids were. Frightened screams and hillarity ensued.

 We got to pet a Zebra!!! I really liked that. What I didn’t get a picture of, were the two 10 foot tall camels that came over a bit later to drool at us. Pretty nifty stuff that.

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