This is how we don’t die

Summers here are intense. However, with 3 babies that are part fish and lots of options for finding water, we love the summer at our house.



Splash pads are very common here and this one up by my Dad’s house is one of our favorites. The water comes out of the ground / walls at varying intensities so it appeals to all ages. Simple lovely watery goodness.


I’m not really sure which part of the Lagoon she likes better. She loves swimming with Mommy, pretending to be a dolphin or a water-talent fairy or Ariel. [quick funny story: we went swimming in a real pool with friends and Neil went with us. Naomi would only swim with Daddy, and when I tried to grab her so we could switch she screamed “NO! I want to swim with that guy!!! THAT GUY!!!”] But she also loves the picnic lunch. Cucumbers and humus (and she scrapes the container with her fingers to get every last bit), sandwiches, and watermelon is the usual menu.


Little man likes the picnic and he likes swimming. But he loves stealing his friend’s noodle so that he can be a lazy bum and just float around. I don’t mind, I’ve had to accept that he is long past naps no matter how worn out he gets. He is a great swimmer, though, and it’s fun to watch him being all big and independent in the water.


This about sums it up. She loves everything about water and the Lagoon. Splashing,  swimming, eating sand, she doesn’t discriminate; she does them all equally. There is a funny thing I discovered about Layna when I took her out in the water for the first time. Her little baby bum floats better than any part of her. So if I let go and just hold her by the arm pits her tush pops straight up and she thinks it is the funniest thing ever. Like full-out belly laughs every time. What ever mental image that conjurs up, I promise being there in person is even better. I love summer.

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