Fourth of July: Food

Because really this holiday is about two things, once of course you get past the reading of the Declaration of Independance and having a nice long chat with the kids about how our country rocks hardcore and how hard men and women have worked to make it so awesome, but I digress. Two things…Food and Fireworks.


Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about using holidays as an excuse to eat food that is ridiculously bad for you, goodness knows I ususally do. However, since we were on our own this year (all of our in-town relations were…uh..well…out of town), I thought we’d shoot for a bit healthier than normal. Goat milk yogurt with berries and cool whip. I did say a bit healthier.


We don’t have a barebeque, plus is was raining anyways (I know. The one day in June or July that it will rain and it was on the Fourth), so I did Sloppy Joes for dinner.  It was a big hit and watermelon is like candy so no questions there.


I’m sorry. Did I say it was a big hit? Wow, what an understatment. I knew I’d have to clean her and her chair whether I fed her or not so I thought I’d let her have a go at feeding herself. We laughed for about 5 minutes straight just watching her. Best Mom choice of the day! And the sink was closer than the tub. Best Dad choice of the day! I love it when my husband has awesome ideas like bath-ing the baby in the kitchen sink.


In the name of journalistic integrity or something, here is what our apple pie really looked like. I wish it looked prettier, and it probably would have had I listened to Neil and waited the correct amount of time for it to set up and cool. But meh. It was going to be eaten and no one else was ever going to see it so I gave in and we ate warm gooey falling apart pie.

I hope your day was also filled with delicious food and cute people to eat it with. Happy Independance Day!

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