Fourth of July: Fireworks


The day started early with poppers. Naomi was not a fan of pulling them herself because we kept correcting how she was holding them, the string was too hard to pull, and the one time she did do it (left) it burned her. So she happily “helped” Daddy pop poppers the rest of the day.


I debated stocking up on these because Garyn loved them so much. Just to have them to bring out if he was bored or had done a good job at something (You cleaned your room? Awesome, 5 poppers for you!) But then when my font room looked like this times 10 (right) by the end of the night, I thought better of it.


For the most part these guys are buds. It makes me smile really big.


I really don’t know why Dads don’t get as much credit for multitasking as Moms do. Little girl loves her some flashy lights.


Guess who threw a fit and refused to wear her dress and was adamant about her foot-wear choice? Guess who will be wearing his Fourth of July outfit for the next five days straight if I let him?


For the next few years Fourth of July will be easy. A mega pack of poppers and snappers, a few boxes of sparklers and a few fountains will be all my kids want. Then we can sit on the back porch and enjoy the Strip fireworks (we have a perfect view) and our enthusiastic neighbors with their illegal fireworks. We will have to deal with three terrified goats and a cranky rooster, none of whom had any qualms about loudly voicing their dismay at the fireworks. Especially Will…he tried his hardest to assert dominance over the noisy fireworks but lost miserably, poor rooster.

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