Baby Goaties, They’re finally here!

I was cleaning in the house yesterday and Ginger was being loud. She usually never makes noise so I thought it was a bit odd.

I came out and this is what I saw. No wonder she was loud! So I raced back in the house for the camera and my husband and kids. Mostly I grabbed the camera and yelled for the others as I was headed back out the door. While we worked on cleaning up baby #1, Ginger had some more contractions and dropped baby #2. Yes that is the proper word for it. You can also say “she threw her kids yesterday.” Anyways, we wiped the straw off of them and helped them stand up to nurse.


Munchkins thought it was cool, and Garyn wasn’t grossed out at all. I think Naomi will like the clean and playful kids better than slick, birth-covered newborns. The goaties were up and about really quick and so curious. We thought our cleaning job would be easier minus the soaked hay (plus we hadn’t gotten clean straw in there before the birth) so Neil cleaned out the shed and got new straw.

We did check for gender as soon as they weren’t slimy. Two baby boys. Sigh. We were hoping for a girl that we could keep as another milking doe, but the boys are pretty cute regardless. Ginger went to town licking them clean and I tried not to include pictures of the placenta that didn’t detach for 45 min. or her eating it afterwards.  Glad that was never part of my home birth experiences.


The one on the left and in the foreground was the oldest. He has really cool brown patches on his sides. The baby in the background has similar markings only his are white instead of brown. We are thinking of naming them Balin and Dwalin as they are dwarfs and our other boy is Pippin. Can’t go wrong with a Tolkien-based naming convention. More pictures to come as they get more mobile!

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