I love Kitchens. It’s really nice to live in a place where I actually love my kitchen.  A great kitchen requires two things, open space and lots of light. This is what we did in our open space, with lots of morning light the day before the 4th of July.


I decided that I was not going to spend my Fourth of July cleaning and so the preceding two days were a blur of cleaning madness. I moved the kitchen table almost out of the kitchen so I could go at my nasty floor with a butter knife. You think I’m exaggerating don’t you? No no. Nothing removes petrified banana like a butter knife. Anyways. Layna was fussy and I was in cleaning mode so we resorted to the time-honored, classic mom move: Pull out the pots and pans. The other two were there within 3 loud bangs and we had a wonderful cacophony in our kitchen while I finished the dishes. Open space wins again!


This is the same awesome kitchen a few days before. A double-sided easel, some tempera paint, big sheets of paper and I became Mom of the Year. Score!

I’ve been thinking alot about space and why kids love open empty space. Like I said, my house got worked over and so we have clean, open space everywhere and my munchkins are in heaven. They play better, are happier and nicer in general when we have clean open space. I think kids are drawn to it because no one has laid claim to it yet. There are no chairs telling them “No, you can’t run here” or tables that will bite them if they misjudge the distance. A kid can lay down or twirl or somersault or go to turbo max speed and crash in to the front door. (two guesses as to who invented that game…[arched eyebrow]) Or a big blank sheet of white paper. It could be anything or not. Nothing is there to tell them no. Most often kids don’t need toys… They just need permission.

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