Little man is in a Lego play group for the summer. Somewhere, someone had a brilliance. “We should open a center with billions of Legos so kids can come and play and mothers can stop swearing at their vacuum cleaners! Of course!”

My friend told me about a place where they do summer camps and actually teach “classes.” So once a week, Garyn gets to go hang out with his friends and play with Legos. Well they start out with free play at a huge table covered in loose Legos, then the class starts and they are taught a bit about what they will be building, then they are given a parts kit and a “construction” book. (He’s been replacing the word instructions with constructions since he could talk, and it fits so I’ve never corrected it). In the few weeks we have gone, they have built: a centrifuge thing for a little Lego astronaut dude, a spinning paper plate art thing, a carnival ride replica, and windshield wipers.


Plus there is a whole other section of toys and books for younger siblings, and couches for moms. Social interaction for all! I do like that it has been a very fun introduction to working in groups and especially to working with other adults. He is doing well. A few social graces to learn, like being polite even when you are not interested in the history of the windshield wiper or the fact not everyone is dying to know your thoughts on that poster over there. But overall I expect good stuff to come out of this experience.

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