Six Years Old: birthday cake

I gave in and I looked on pintrest for a T-Rex cake. Please don’t go look because you’ll see the cake that gave me the idea, and that cake is way prettier. However, for my first attempt at fondant covered rice crispie treat sculpture, I am ok with how it turned out. Granted what the Birthday Boy really wanted was a T- Trux cake from his book DinoTrux. Luckily for me a regular T-Rex was good enough. Barely.

I guess the trick is to sculpt something that actually looks better if the fondant dosen’t cooperate. Like dinosaur skin…yay for green that wouldn’t mix in all the way and dry air that made little life like hair-line cracks! Overall it was good. The cake was yummy and it stood up to the heat admirably. Don’t know if I’m ready for a 3-D Minnie Mouse head, but who knows come September…

Homemade Fondant

Buttercream Frosting

and Funfetti cake mixes because that’s what little man wanted and because I’m lazy.

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