Six Years Old: swim party

I decided that we would have Garyn’s party at the Lagoon. That was before I remembered that he is old enough to have an opinion about stuff. He wanted Dinosaurs. Oops. Dino Swim Party it is! Actually having a swimming BBQ party with dinosaur everything else worked out really well.


Dino footprint cookies and a T-Rex watermelon head. Good times were had.



These pictures just about sum up what these two were doing the whole time that little man was doing this:


Layna had a great time eating, splashing, and looking stylish until the heat rash kicked in and nap time became painfully overdue. I’m pretty sure that Naomi ate at least half of that bag of Doritos, and might have stopped eating long enough to play in the water with her aunts. Maybe. Birthday Boy took a few breaks to eat and open presents, then he would be right back to making a sand pool and squirting anyone in range with a squirt noodle that he stole from some other kid. Pure birthday heaven.

See? Birthday heaven.

P.S. Don’t order anything party related online with your birthday kid sitting next to you. You might get talked into a miniature Godzilla piñata that would survive a nuclear holocaust. Seriously. After all 12+ kids took multiple hits at it, I had to rip it up the back and then let them all go at it again before any candy came out. Gosh.


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2 responses to “Six Years Old: swim party

  1. I LOVE the T-Rex watermelon. Garyn is one lucky kid 🙂

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