farm gifts

We have decided that we will take it. Whatever our farm gives us, we’ll take it. Oh and it is a farm, it’s going to have an official name and everything once we register our “herd” with a dairy goat association. But I digress. First off the garden…it decided to give us a hard time. Turns out the gravel we are using for our grow medium is limestone based. Which means it is highly alkaline. Which means EPIC SUCK! Plants and fish like a pH of around 6-6.5 (slightly acidic). Our water is running around 8.4 and we thought “hey lets just add some acid.” Adding a gallon of vinegar per day, we could hold it at 8. Bottom line we need to figure out another solution and nothing is jumping out. But high pH aside, our plants are doing much better than I would have thought. And apparently the mint loves alkalinity. Go Figure.


Zucchini and yellow squash on the left cucumbers on the right. I should go take a slightly more current picture as now the yellow squash’s leaves are almost white because of a nutrient deficency because of the high pH. sigh.


Ok mint on the left. It came this close to dying when I transplanted it. I mean no leaves left at all. but now I’m having nightmares of it growing into the house and taking over my kitchen. At least it would smell nice, I guess. Anyways, on the right is a bell pepper that is also doing really well.

The chickens are giving us eggs. Well our pet easter egg-er, Rose (my favorite), died from heat stroke…[sniff, sniff] but before she succumbed to July, she gave us maybe a dozen beautiful green eggs. Daisy, our Leghorn, just started laying cute little white eggs at a rate of one a day. I like having a few egg machines around. Our babies mostly just make us laugh, but give it another two months and we will go from 3 eggs a day to about 14 per day. Funny thing is that any extra dozens we will have are already spoken for. It’s looking like our chickens will pay for themselves plus a few free dozen eggs for us each week.


Daisy and Tulip trying to cool off…and Will giving me attitude. This is right before he tried to scratch up my legs and peck my feet to death. I kicked him and he acted like he meant to fly backwards and land on his tail. Me and Will understand each other pretty well.


Babies and the reason we do this.

The goats are giving us milk. Lots of milk. So much in fact that I currently have in my fridge a batch of soft cheese, yogurt, my first hard cheese (I’ll let you know how it is in 4-12 weeks), and milk for cereal. And we are meeting with a breeder Monday to talk about getting an actual mini dairy goat which could double the amount of milk we get each day. You can say it…I don’t mind…we are crazy.



First hard cheese and baby goatie, then Mamas and their boys. Ginger and Dwalin are doing great and tiny baby goats are the cutest things ever invented. He frolics and falls over and his tail turns into a wagging blur when he nurses. Then we have Frosty and Pippin on the left. Pippin is almost as big as his mother but still tries to nurse. This usually ends up with Frosty’s back legs lifting off the ground and Pippin getting a swift kick as soon as her legs return to the ground.  I love my goats.

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