60 years and the Beach

My husband and I made it to seven years of marriage this past spring. My grandparents made it to 60. Dude. I can’t even imagine being alive that long. The best part though? My Grandpa still calls her “Sugar” and she still calls him “Bobby” and they hold hands and smooch. Kind of makes me really happy. They invited the whole family to California to celebrate with them.

Ok. Grandpa’s Indiana Jones hat has been the object of family lore and awe for years. It exudes awesome.

Yes. I think that accurately depicts everyone’s day at the beach.

And just so you know why I’m excited to hit that 60 year mark with this guy…He routinely gets mauled by his babies and never stops coming back for more. And he will smile nicely for a picture even in the midst of sopping ice cold water off his lap which our toddler just dumped on him (and the table) all while expertly juggling a squiming, cranky baby. I married really good stuff.

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