So at what age do I start lying about my age? When do I perpetually become 30 something? When do I glibly reply “older than you” when someone asks my age? Not at 27? oh good.

My birthday this year is going to be a week long celebration. Today = normal adventures with munchkins (including a Trader Joes supplied lunch…best splurge ever) and dinner with my husband (Sweet Tomatoes…very high on my list of favorites. How could I not swoon over a salad buffet with brownies masquerading as muffins?) Saturday = last swimming adventure of the year. Jamie said we could “swim in celebration of [me], summer, and all that is hot.” My ego loves Jamie. Sunday = joint family dinner for me and Grandma. The 30th is book club at my house (btw, Sherlock Holmes is awesome…more on that later) and what better excuse to invite these over to play? Cupcakes make me giggle. September 26 will be this:

My big present from Neil. He likes taking me to shows on my birthday (Blue Man Group and Ka were previous years). We saw Wicked in Denver the summer after we got married, and our seats were such that we could tell people were moving on stage. Barely. Mostly we listened to the music. This time round with be a slightly better theater experience. [squeee!]

Other happy birthday-isms. My dad got me a gift card to Barnes and Noble with a condition that it only be spent on big people books. GAH! Where do I even start with that? However, I am excited by the challenge. Mom and Dad McGuire sent money to fund my date tonight (thankyou thankyou thankyou!!!) Babysitting was provided by my sisters, and I got lots of Facebook love from very cool people.

Dinner date and new sketchbook for me.

Oh yes. And the weather gave me rain…It’s thoughtful like that.

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