Fancy Shmancy

There are a few things that I need to post about before the summer is officially over. The fancy shmancy wedding that we went to at the Four Seasons is the first one. (Sorry in advance for the poor quality pictures. Cell phones don’t like dim mood lighting and moving kids.)

We all got spiffed up for Mark and Bri’s wedding. Mark is Neil’s boss and a pretty cool guy. Also it is about stinkin time they got married, they’ve been together for years and are actually very good for each other. I was excited to show off my beautiful kids but I was a little nervous about them in the actual ceremony.


This is where we waited for the ceremony to happen. The bride has awesome taste and the whole thing was elegant and beautiful. The kids did great during the ceremony. Granted I was feeding a constant stream of raisins into Naomi’s mouth while talking to her non-stop… “Naomi look at how beautiful her dress is it’s like a princess how many people are walking in how many kids do you see do you see any one with a red shirt how many candles are on that tree did she laugh look now they are trading rings I bet hers is sparkly…” Yeah. For 36 minutes straight. There was the occasional outburst when ever I dared to give Layna some raisins, but luckily no one mentioned the loud kids in the back. Which is why I can say they did great.

Then we went out into the lobby area for “cocktail hour.” Mostly just us taking turns waiting in line for Sprites and swiping appetizers whenever we could to appease the wild heathens kids. However, they were charming and showed off nicely for everyone who came over to admire them. After they lost interest in the shmoozing we went on a walk to explore the hotel. At this point my sexy shoes started to eat my feet alive, heel first. Hotel explored, we walked (I hobbled) back to the ball room / dining room for dinner. Waiting for us was a high chair and we were told that the kids’ dinners (chicken nuggets and fries) would be there within five minutes. I appreciate that kind of forethought and consideration. Made my night soooooo much easier.



Not that they ate dinner. They were too busy. Neither of them has really learned to be self-conscious, and so they danced with or without other kids, and with or without music. Mostly they only stopped when I dragged them back to eat a few bites and when the bride wanted to, ya know, dance with her Dad. Overall, it was a great experience and seeing them have so much fun getting their grooves on, totally made it worth the condescending dressing-down (albeit delivered diplomatically) over homeschooling / parenting I got from our table mates… Ok so maybe kids having fun AND the “decorate your own mini-donut” bar made it totally worth while.

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