Don’t freak out: part 1

[WARNING: semi-graphic content…if you are vegan or just don’t like pictures of raw meat, feel free to stop right here.]

We slaughtered and butchered a goat this morning. And when I say “we” of course I mean my husband. It’s kind of like when I say, “We need to go milk the goats, huh?” Anyways, we had decided that Pippin was to become dinner, but we had put off doing anything about it until we could find someone to walk us [“us” meaning my farmer husband guy] through the process. We couldn’t find anyone. So like any other time we need a person to walk us through something… to the internets! We watched some videos and became experts. Well. Kind of.

Husband Guy did a great job and was done in just under an hour and a half. I watched, took pictures, and held kids at bay until the goat wasn’t so much Pippin as Meat.



I won’t give you the gorey play-by-play but overall it was fast and relatively easy. Neither kid was allowed to be out there until he had been skinned and decapitated. Naomi wasn’t interested in seeing any of it, although she is excited about eating the meat (she explained to me how much she loves eating meat and that Pippin will taste good). Not really sure where my carnivore daughter came from. Garyn was all about watching the disembowling process…best anatomy lesson ever! It’s not bloody at all so we could easily point out parts that Garyn has (liver, lungs, heart, large/small intestine, bladder) and the parts that only the goats have (big old rumen). He said it was very interesting and yucky. Not a big deal at all, which was kind of surprising to me. Stay tuned for part 2… Don’t freak out: The Grinder!

p.s. Yes that is a weight lifting rack that Neil has him strung up on. We figured if Neil can do a pull-up on that bar it could support a 50 lb goat through the dressing process.


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  1. candice

    speech. less.

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