Don’t freak out: part 2

Firstly, when did humans realize that ground meat was happy dance worthy and what did they do pre-meat grinder? Secondly, who figured out the meat grinder, anyways? Can I shake their hand? They have brought joy into my life.

I also just have to say that it is so nice to have friends that not only think we are not crazy for the whole “raise your own meat” thing, but are a step ahead with do-it-yourself home meat processing. Just such a friend let me borrow their meat grinder. It is soooo cool! It is gadgets like this that make me proud of our species. It’s simple, efficient, and makes my life better. I’m a fan.



So the top two pictures plus the bottom two pictures equals…


At least 6 lbs of ground chevon and 4 really tender leg roasts. I have one marinating in the fridge and the other 3 got vaccum sealed for the freezer. There will be updates, of course, when we actually eat these. I’m excited but a bit apprehensive too, because I will be sad if we hate how goat meat tastes. Oh well, we will find out on Tuseday when we have crock-pot leg roast!

p.s. what did people do without the internet? No really. I can’t figure it out.


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2 responses to “Don’t freak out: part 2

  1. todd ferwerda

    you guys are awesome!

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