I’m Getting a Tattoo!

Yeah! We got to choose a herd name when we registered our goats with some goat associations and we also got to choose a 3 letter tattoo to put in their ears so we can always recognize them. Why? What did you think I meant?

Our herd name (and overall farm name) is The Angry Dwarf Dairy. We were kicking around names; everything from Petrichor (the word for the smell of rain on dirt, one of the best things about living in the desert) to the word farm in 8 different languages. Nothing really fit, they all were either weird or pompous. Driving home from getting Peaches and Wishes (our newest mother and baby) I mentioned how Irish Pubs always have the most awesome names. McGuire is Irish so we went with that idea and landed on The Angry Dwarf. It’s PERFECT!!! Done and done.

I’m going to get this image made into a rubber stamp and stamp the bags that we will sell our soap in. I’ll also probably stamp the egg cartons when we start selling eggs in the fall. I’m a geek… and I’m so excited!


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2 responses to “I’m Getting a Tattoo!

  1. Jamie

    Completely in love with the farm’s name! But your image- that’s a faun. I take issue. Neither dwarf nor goat. : ( Did Narnia teach you nothing? LOL Complete LOL

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