“I’m the burfday gurl!” ~ food

My princess Tinkerbell Pirate mermaid Minnie Mouse turned 3 today. I generally don’t gush about my babies as a rule but she kind of makes my heart happy. She took motherhood in a whole different direction and I’m grateful that I am a better human being because of it.

She wanted Minnie Mouse (shocker) and we had a fun low-key day complete with psychotic Mickey Mouse cartoons from the 1920’s. Thank you YouTube and, dude, those were some weird cartoons. Anyways. I’ll do another post about the actual birthday festivities, but my favorite part of today was the food and as blogger AND head chef in this family, we are talking about food now.

It came as a surprise to me to realize that she is still too little to have an actual opinion about most things. I asked what she wanted for breakfast and it went like this:

me – what do you want for breakfast?

her – Minnie mouse cupcakes and tater tots! (! = so high pitched dogs were distressed next door)

me – no babe, you are having a cupcake after dinner and tater tots tomorrow. what do you want for breakfast?

her – Minnie mouse cupcakes and tater tots!

me – alright then! pink Minnie mouse pancakes it is!

(thanks mom for the birthday crown…she is currently sleeping in it for the second night in a row, she is a fan of crowns)

Lunch at Olive Garden was mostly me and husband guy deciding that it sounded good and was close to the house. It was good food and birthday girl gnawed on that exact breadstick all the way home. It’s still on the kitchen table. Also, Layna is a burgeoning carnivore… she couldn’t get enough sausage. Good thing we are in an extended non-vegan phase right now or she might have starved.

“Yes, I’m stuffing my face with olives, what of it?” & “Atta boy Garyn! you show that cheese!” (love the sympathetic tongue out). So she did finally settle on pizza and we did build-your-own. She got a Minnie Mouse pizza. She then ate a few bites of one ear and was otherwise not interested. As a side note, I get now (as a mother) how a child’s appetite can be “spoiled” and see myself in the near future busting out with “No you can’t have that, you’ll spoil your appetite!” It’s coming.

Birthday Gurl wanted Minnie cupcakes and I found princess crowns on toothpicks at Joann’s. Hence, Princess Minnie Cupcakes. At first I was sad about not doing a for-real cake, but this was good. It was easy, she loved them, and overall I think they are perfect. I mean, Garyn is clearly reveling in his cupcake…look at all that revelment. Tomorrow we will have more food and presents and pink…lots more pink.

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