I want one…

Next up on the summer catch up list…The Nevada State Museum at the Springs Preserve. They have a Mammoth skeleton. Enough said.


We talked about Ice Age. Of course!


Everyone agreed that swimming with an icthyosaur would not be so fun. Especially if it was hungry.


There was a nice exhibit on all the prehistoric wild life that used to live in Nevada, like the Shasta Ground Sloth just above. That is a fierce sloth! And there was a fun display of current desert residents. Then the museum had exhibits on the railway history of the Las Vegas Valley which was very cool. My kids kind of got rushed through the “Showgirls through the ages” section complete with outfit displays. Naomi does not need to know what a feather boa is, because she does not need to be given ideas, and I did not want to answer Garyn if he asked why they were wearing bathing suits with feathers.

It was fairly small as far as museum go, but a great way to finish up a warm day of play at our favorite place in the city.

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