i [heart] chemistry

What’s that in the sky? Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No! it’s…The Soapinator! SuperSaponification Girl? um…Suds Woman? yeah I’ll work on it. I thought I’d document my new hobby a bit better. And just so you know…it takes guts to post a picture of me looking all sexy and science-ified. I’m brave, what can I say.


So I was talking to one of my church leaders about making soap and everything and he asked if I wore goggles when I worked with the lye. I said I didn’t this past time because I didn’t have any and he made it very clear that that was really dumb. He told me if you get lye into your eyes it is permanent and irreversible blindness. I have goggles now.

This is my favorite part of making soap, all the interesting scents you can use. These are the ones I used this last time. The almond yuzu turned out like an almond cherry biscotti and I can’t wait for it to cure so I can use it. The lime coconut is nice and very subtle. It’s not as glorious as I had imagined but come to find out…citrus anything doesn’t really hold up well in the cold press process. Oh well. Next on my list is christmas spice, christmas forest, and white tea ginger. yay!


You freeze the milk and break it into chunks, then you pour the lye on top and stir it. The lye melts the milk and you freeze it to prevent that from happening too fast and it curdling the milk. On the left is the begining stages of me totally botching this part of the process. You can just see it turning yellowish orange. I kept stiring and it went neon orange and chunky. Kind of gross. I started over and kept the milk much colder. It stayed a silky creamy color and texture which was perfect. While this was going on, I was heating the oils to the right temperature so I could mix them.

I poured the milky lye into the oils and went at it with my stick blender until it came to trace.

Then I added the scents and poured it into the molds to set up over night. Waking up to a kitchen smelling of lovely soap is awesome. Makes me smile the same way warm towels out of the dryer make me smile.

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