School was supposed to start for us the beginning of August. We did some stuff and I further clarified my whole educational philosophy, but mostly we played a lot and waited for the rest of the world to go back to school and quit distracting us. Here is what school is looking like…it’s delightful.

Every Wednesday little little girl has therapy, so I decided that I’ll just pack up school in my back pack and we take it to the park with a lunch. Math, slides, reading, swings, bikes…it’s going to be a sad day when the weather starts being too cold for our mid-week park date.

There is a new commonwealth school (homeschool co-op only much more organized and better run) that started this year up the street from our house. I was asked to teach the 2-6 year old class every Thursday morning from 10-12, and to be honest, the first week was hell. We have 31 kids total and even with 28ish that we had the first day it was overwhelming. I had big plans in my head of how it would be and I forgot how 2-6 year olds look at the world. Once I let go of said plans (and we bought $100+ worth of dress up, puzzles, and other toys) and let them do what they do best it was much better. Structured chaos…we let them play and made sure no one got hurt, fed them when they were hungry and turned them loose outside. Much better for everyone. So we are moving from nightmare to not so bad, and I will take it. Oh and Garyn grinning so big his eyes disappeared because the older boys helped him dig a hole in the sandbox, also moved us a bit closer to delightful.



In history we are revisiting ancient Egypt and little man saw a bow drill in one of his books on mummies. So after doing a bit of research (can’t wait to actually start a fire with this!) we made a bow drill. He also learned a bit about whittling, and I love that he is playing with real tools to make something that does real work (albeit not very efficiently). Point being I really appreciated the reminder of why we homeschool…freedom is delightful.

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