fall equinox

Happy (belated) first day of fall! In celebration of the officialness of my favorite season we spent a lovely day near trees and water (gasp!) and for breakfast this morning we are having pumpkin pudding (if I can not forget about it and leave it to burn to death ala my last attempt at jam). It’s like pumpkin pie without the crust, and since it is not pie it is a perfectly acceptable breakfast food (pie is only allowed for breakfast the days following Thanksgiving). Oh and phototgenic offspring make me happy.


Tulle Springs is a Nevada state park with big duck ponds and huge trees. It’s beautiful and such a nice change from our usual desert fare. They were amused for a full hour just throwing rocks in the pond and chasing ducks and poking sticks in the pond. In case you were wondering, Naomi did in fact get soaked up to the kness, but luckily not from falling in. She went puddle jumping. Of course.


Little girl was not ok with the “pider” little man found and wouldn’t go near it. He however, was fascinated by the fact that when he chucked it into the water it didn’t sink. She thought it was cooler being five feet away and mostly underwater.


I like grass. No, No. I REALLY like grass.


We were there to take “School” Pictures with a group of homeschool moms. One is a photographer and offered her services. It was fun to run around and of course my monkeys took advantage of climbable trees. So far Fall is living up to my expectations, which is saying alot considering the stolen van, nearly full broken jar of ghee, burnt jam, and other stupid events. Fall is just that good.


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2 responses to “fall equinox

  1. candice

    love tule springs. love. it’s almost scooter riding weather….we should meet there.

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