a Wicked good birthday…

I’m pretty sure one of Neil’s love languages is “gift giving.” He also doesn’t let a silly thing like practicality impede his saying “I love you” with awesome yet un-necessary gifts. The practical, thrifty voice in my head would not have allowed me to go see Wicked as 1) we’d seen it before and 2) there were more useful uses for that money. But my husband won, I got a killer birthday present and definitely felt loved and adored.


Have I mentioned how much I love this place? Oh yes. Right. I have. A lot.


Have I told you how much I love this play? Oh good! I love this play because I think it achieved that magical balance of: new and daring yet comfortable and familiar. All pop art that becomes wildly successful does this. People want to be entertained and see something new, but too new, too weird, too avant-garde and people get uncomfortable. We all want to be artsy…to a point. Everything about Wicked strikes this balance (from the music, to the story, to the costumes) and so is a perfect commentary on what we as the Adoring Public want out of our musical theater. Oh and random strangers do not generally take good cell phone pictures. Sigh.


It is really hard to take a self-picture with a cell phone. Don’t laugh, but it took probably 20 tries to get these two pictures. Don’t laugh because we got enough of that from the passers-by. I sure do love my husband guy for standing there smiling while I stamped my foot at my phone. He makes me smile with my whole heart.


We drove to Denver the summer after we were married to see this the first time. Our seats were such that we could tell there were people moving on stage. Yeah, so mostly we sat back and listened to the music. This experience was a tad bit different. Like I said Neil doesn’t treat his unnecessary-to-say-i-love-you presents lightly. Plus he knew exactly when these seats were actually released for sale as he clicked the button to release them, so that helped a bit. I figure if he can’t get free seats, controlling which seats are for sale is maybe the next best thing. Seeing facial expressions, the crazy awesome detail on the costumes, the sly interactions between the actors (the cast member that would hook and un-hook Glinda from her bubble would tap her shoulder twice when she was in or out, or how they would watch the conductor for cues) really added another dimension to the performance.

It was a wonderful date and I am grateful for being spoiled. Happy Birthday to Me!!!

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