Thank You, Grandma!

If it weren’t for my mom-in-law I would have so much more guilt in my life. Kind of opposite of what conventional wisdom would suggest, but let me explain. She is, hands down, the best quilter I know. She is truly an artist, with a great eye for color and patterns and attention to detail that I aspire to. I believe that every kid should have their very own quilt that was made just for them. If it weren’t for my mom-in-law, that task would fall squarely on my already overloaded shoulders. Needless to say none of my kids would have their quilt until they were a few weeks from moving out and I’d be looking at 20 years of solid guilt over it. But, No! That is not to be my fate! Little man sleeps under (or on top of) his quilt every night and Little girl has done the same ever since hers came in the mail a few days ago. Thanks Sara. And almost as much thanks for remembering all the kids, every time. You profoundly understand motherhood and I love you for it.


Little man got a super cool crystal growing tree that he loved! (like he would check on it every 3 minutes or so and give me a report, “Mom! the blue is sure getting ready to bloom!”) It made for a very nice chemistry discussion.


Little little girl got a t-shirt that says “kiss me, I’m a wee bit Irish.” YES! she just might be sporting this shirt regularly all the way to St. Patrick’s Day. It’s allowed. Our last name is emphatically Irish.

On a totally un-related to anything at all note…we woke up to visitors. 

The peacock family came to play on our back porch! (and I’m not even going to lie…my back windows are always that dirty…sigh) There was a male, female, two babies, and a white one. Don’t know if it is an actual albino but it is really pretty. They walked around and then flew up to the roof, where they were spied on by kids in a jungle gym for a good 20 minutes. It’s an omen of fun weekends to come, right? Happy Friday!

P.s. For everyone that isn’t on Facebook to see my posts…I started a blog just about the farm. It is at I apologize in advance for any overlap in content. That shouldn’t happen as much from here on out. Enjoy!

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