taxonomy and “The glory of beans!”

Biology is happening for science this year. My good friend (who also homeschools, and who also lives across the street, kind of, and who also loves science, and who also does piano with us) asked us over to a taxonomy lab. It was perfect. I love that the way she approaches learning/teaching and it was so rewarding to watch Garyn come up with ideas that I didn’t anticipate.


After they had fun sorting a box full of random objects (there actually was some method to the madness which enabled them to get a pretty good system worked out) and they learned some key things about taxonomy (you can’t eat the subject if it doesn’t fit into your classification method!) they moved on to Legos. Brilliant! And above mentioned good friend made our day by letting the kids take home some Legos…and now we have a handful of pink Legos. And there was much rejoicing!


Things that have made me happy in the past few days: when the sky is on fire, and when my munchkins try out their Halloween costumes and find them to be perfect in every way (even though they aren’t finished).


Yes, Garyn. I am indeed taking pictures of “The glory of beans!” Kind of love how little man describes his world.


Here is the story. A few weeks ago a mom brought a huge bin of beans to the Commonwealth. It was awesome! And so I knew that we needed to have that at our house. This morning we put some pinto beans in tubs and threw in a ladle and a few cups and away they went. I left the room to check some e-mails and came back to “The Glory of Beans.” I got to work scooping, then stopped. What in the world I was doing?! Pictures first!!! After running and getting the camera, and snapping a ton of pictures we got started on clean up. You know you have done something right as a mother when your kids will start an impromptu round of “the clean up song” before you get back. It was a great morning.

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