We might have had another lapse in sanity. Meh. Happens a lot around here, especially when it comes to animals. Before you think “crazy cat lady” I have a few points for you to consider… 1) There is a five cat minimum for crazy cat lady status 2) I have a husband and kids therefore I can’t really be the crazy cat lady 3) Such cool looking ears! Ok if those reasons weren’t enough to stop the judgement, just look at him!



He is a Highland Lynx mix. Basically there is some wild cat blood somewhere way way way back that shows up in his size, wanderlust, and slow maturity. Other than that he will be super sweet and affectionate (already enjoying that. He has slept on my pillow or Little girls pillow every night this week) and bigger than our other two cats. One site said these lynx’s are like dogs in cat bodies. And yes I did name him Link, making him Link the Lynx. He is named for the main character in the Zelda video game series, which is one of my all time favorites. Link in the games has pointy ears, is always on a mission, and makes funny grunty noises…it’s a perfect fit.

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