Tradition! TRADITION!

Ok if you actually sang the title of this post in your head (or out loud) like Tevye from Fiddler on the Roof…I love you. You get life in a big way. Thanks for making me feel slightly less geekish. If you didn’t, it’s ok…you just missed a grand opportunity to rock it like an old Jewish guy.

We went on our yearly pilgrimage to The Pumpkin Patch and as always, it did not disappoint.


Lots to do this year even without all the rides being up. It was great to go on a Monday and not have to deal with huge crowds. Pictures taken, we headed to the Corn Maze which is twice as big and 3.7 times more awesome than last year.



You have to make it to 4 sign posts to get numbers that are a code to open the door to the second corn maze. On our way we saw some cool stuff…like the biggest roly-poly I’ve ever seen in my life!



The petting zoo was a bit of a different experience this year. Less “oh look at the cute goat!” and more “huh. I wonder what breed these are? how old do you think that doe is? (severely inbred pygmies and really old…in case you were wondering which you most likely weren’t).” The pigs were cute, the emus got really close but the best was the aviary. They have about a dozen exotic breeds of pheasants and pigeons and ducks that were beautiful and just out in the open doing bird stuff. Their rabbits also have an amazing habitat that, were I more masochistic, I’d probably try to replicate.

Yay for anything big to climb on. Naomi told me in her excited, high-pitched squeaky voice, “Mom! Look at Dad! I bringed him up here!”


A sand box but with corn instead of sand. The most brilliant thing ever, right?! All three kids were in sensory exploration heaven. These guys happily would have spent the rest of the week in the “Farm Village,” which had a few of these corn-boxes and super cute playhouses that Naomi claimed as her own (The pink and purple one anyways). Neil may have found his next summer project…corn boxes and playhouses.



And you know, the real reason we come. Well, the one that makes me giddy with excitement and anticipation over feeding my pumpkin habit. Greg and Willie are always so generous, I’m glad this year I could send them soap as a thanks for all of this fall loveliness. We got 12 pumpkins in all (Well, for us. We also got some for my mom and grandma) including a Cinderella (big orange and yellow on top of the cart), a Fairy Tale (greenish pinkish one in the corner) and a banana squash that is longer than my arm and thicker around than Little man’s waist (it is supposed to make the BEST pies). As soon as we started looking around Little girl started running and dumping baby pumpkins in the cart. That’s my girl! So we have some cute mini ones too.

Loved it. Can’t wait for next year. Happy Fall/Halloween/Most-Perfect-Time-of-the-Year to you!

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