Arachnids and Yoga

This year we faced an anomaly. Neil’s vacation time was not spoken for…at all. What to do with one whole week off? A stay-cation. That’s what.


I’ve written about how much I love the desert and how much I love Red Rock. I’ll try not to be redundant here.  I was feeling guilty about just doing normal everyday stuff the whole time Neil had off. Initially I was thinking a big Mt. Charleston excursion where we would eat all our meals up in the mountains and have it be a pseudo- camping extravaganza! Then girls got sniffles, and I got lazy. Red Rock it was for our stay-cation outing, and it was perfect.


I mean, you know good stuff is happening when you have a great discussion on sedimentary rocks on the drive up, go rock gazing (kind of like cloud gazing to find shapes and things, only with the surrounding rocks), and meet a desert tarantula just meandering along. I’ve never seen a for real wild tarantula and it was sooooo COOOOL!!! I do need to get out more…why do you ask?


Little girl made a princess castle in the wet sand, Little man found 8 different ways to climb up to the same spot, and Layna ate rocks.


Neil was about to set Layna down, when he noticed that green thing sticking out of the rocks had a stinger on the end. After poking (a lot) with a stick and determining its death status, we pulled out a dead scorpion. Another first for my desert insect interaction list!



We all climbed some more, in the bottom right picture me and older kids are waving at you. You just can’t see it. Because we have mad climbing skills. And Layna, like the true Yogini that she is, did Down Dog. She knows that yoga can and should happen everywhere.

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