pre-Halloween joy

YAY! PUMPKINS WOOO HOOO!!! sorry. Everything about pumpkins makes me happy. Thought I should get these pictures shared before the day itself. Plus, Naomi came up with a pretty great theme and name for her pumpkin.


Parental supervision. It’s a little sad to realize that we don’t have many more years before kids are off and hacking at their pumpkins all on their own. I’m excited to see what that looks like, but reminders of my munchkins growing up makes me step back and sigh. I mean Layna slept through the whole thing this year…who knows where I’ll find pumpkin goo after she has her chance next year.


Not that they didn’t do a lot of the work, mind you.


Pumpkin Master and Apprentice Pumpkin Master. Little man just liked the name of the design they choose…”Ichabod’s Fate.” He started reading “Legend of Sleepy Hollow” but it was a little too much for him this year. Maybe next year I’ll read it to him and we’ll watch the Disney rendition afterwards.


She didn’t waste any time thinking about this, at all. I asked what she wanted and she said, “A Grul [girl] Pirate!” So please note the eye-lashes and eye-patch designating that the pumpkin is both female and swashbuckling. The pirate hat with bow didn’t turn out so good. After I finished I asked what her name was…”Quee-Quont” was the prompt answer. Yeah. Weird. But Quee-Quont is languishing rotting sitting on the table in their room. Nay threw a hissy fit (as only she can) when we tried to move it outside.


Success! Pretty spiffy pumpkin courtesy of an electric pumpkin carving knife (it’s way cool) and a meticulous Dad-guy. Little man is very pleased. Well I’m off to go figure out dinosaur eyes on two different costumes because I procrastinate on occasion…or always. Happy All Hallows Eve Eve!

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