Sucker Triumphant!

Ok so I’ve been waiting to post that with these pictures since I took it Halloween night:


That kind of sums up our Halloween. Was yours nearly that epic? It’s ok, there’s always next time. Halloween was a very different experience for us this year. We didn’t have a long list of events. We did a trunk or treat but it was the week before, and on the night itself we actually went trick-or-treating door to door. I like it so much better. But I’ll get to that. First the pictures!


Little little girl in all her frog PaeleoBatrachus glory.


Annie Tyrannosaurus.


Buddy Tyrannosaurus. I think little man’s favorite part of the whole holiday was explaining their costumes at every door and to anyone that would stand still for a few seconds. They didn’t even have to be listening.


First stop of the night was choir, and then Grandma’s house, and then Grandpa’s house. Grandpa’s neighborhood was much more trick-or-treat friendly so we said Hi, got candy and got going.


First time out but both of them are quick studies. Plus I yelled at Garyn at almost every house to wait for his sister, so Naomi wasn’t completely on her own.


The beanie stayed on much longer than I anticipated but, alas, it didn’t last the whole night. Meh. She is still really cute in green.



I had to remind you. “Sucker Triumphant!” might be my new favorite picture of Layna. [side note: right before I took that picture she had the actual candy part in her hand and was sucking the stick. Was almost the funniest thing I’ve ever seen.]

So trick-or-treating for real was awesome. Trunk-or-Treating is lame by comparison because it shifts the focus of the night from adventure to pure candy acquisition. I love that little man got scared by yard decorations. I love that little girl got to walk through a dark park holding her dad’s hand. Halloween isn’t about candy, it’s about having adventures and getting a little spooked out. Neil already said he was saving my remarks on how awesome it was to not over do it this year and how much I loved keeping it simple. He knows me well enough to know that I still love me some over the top holiday craziness, and those words may come in handy should he want a more chill night next year. Oh well. We’ll see. For now, Happy start of the real Holiday madness!

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