Right and Wrong

No, this has nothing to do with ethics or morals. It’s about how there are a lot of things happening in my life right now and some of them are going right and others very wrong. Case in point…this post is woefully delayed because WordPress hates my computer and won’t let me upload pictures. GRRRR!!! Anyways, most of the things are somewhere in the middle.

Ok everything about this kitten is going right. He is mostly a dog in a kitten’s body. He sleeps with Garyn every night, begs for food and will eat weird stuff, and wants to play with anything and everyone. I’m a fan.


I was determined. This time it was going to be different. I would actually cook the spaghetti squash in such a way as to make it palatable. And then I sat down for a few minutes to watch a movie with the kids (side note: Have you heard of Arthur Christmas? It’s hilarious and happy and awesome and it ranks right up there with Elf for warm fuzzy holiday goodness. Go watch it.) and got up an hour later to check on a burned icky mess. The bubbles? squash juice that bubbled then turned to ash. Lovely. But our hens are finally starting to lay. We have the leghorn laying white, a barred rock starting to lay brown, and an americana laying green. So Excited! no more store-bought for us for a good long while.


Meet Ribbitz, the frog potty who is making all our diaper-free dreams come true. Well that and bribery of the chocolate persuasion. In true mom form I have a couple super cute pictures of little girl posing on the frog, cheese-ing it up as only her royal hamness can. However, I thought it would probably be a bad idea to put that cute nakedness on the internet. I have some lines. So potty training is good and right. Cleaning toddler poop from Minnie Mouse underwear is wrong…so very wrong.


Last batch of soap for Christmas orders = Hooray! Leaky molds making every batch about 7 times more stressful = AHHHH!!!! STUPID MOLD!!! The picture on the left does not show the 7 batches (56 bars) that are in my closet. This has been a great learning experience and I so appreciate everyone who ordered. I love it…crazy though it will make the end of this month. It felt very right to earn my Christmas spending money and to know that I did that (with a lot of late night help from Neil. He must love me or something.)


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2 responses to “Right and Wrong

  1. Hey! I don’t know if Karen told you, but we’re coming to Vegas for a week right before Christmas! We’re getting a rental car so we’ll have a bit more freedom to move about and we would LOVE to come see you guys at your house and check out the goats, chickens and other livestock 🙂 Yay! (I was grinning while typing this). See you soon!

    • I’m so excited to see you guys! and congrats on baby #2! =) when do you fly in? you are welcome to come play anytime and I’m excited that you will have more flexibilty…its hard not having transportation, but hey we should plan fun outings like the bellagio and stuff. yay!

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