Useless Trivia

Did you know that it is legal to have bonfires in the city of Las Vegas if you burn wood and not brush? However, it is illegal in Clark County. So all our nifty exemptions for livestock because we are not technically part of the city, amounted to just about useless when we decided to have a bonfire. Thank you to a captain of the Las Vegas Fire Department who paid us a visit and set us straight.

Backing up a bit. My friend’s boys came over one day to watch me make cheese (they also home school, so had some free time) and then they got bored and went outside with Little Man to play. A bit later I went to check on them and they were going at our weeds with a vengeance. Long story short, I paid them to de-weed our property and they had a great time building up a sizable pile. They are boys and of course their first question was, “Can we burn the weeds???” We said sure, why not? Besides the husbands would love to light something on fire. I mean we haven’t really done that since July. We chose a nice night (last Saturday in fact) and everyone came over.

Please note the hose and bucket of water standing by indicating that we are both responsible and trust worthy with fire. Thank you.

We really got a nice blaze going and it was kind of funny to hear the little berry things that grow on the silverleaf nightshade pop. Sounds like mini machine guns.

Turns out weeds make a lot of smoke even if they are totally dry. The wind was blowing northeast. Nice because it is away from both of our houses. Not so nice because it is straight at an apartment complex. There was a huge apartment fire a few weeks ago up the street. Yeah.

We figured it might be a good idea to put out the fire when we saw people standing on balconies pointing at the fire. And when no less than 6-7 cars drove by just to see where the smoke was coming from. Sure enough, a few minutes later a full-out fire truck (lights blazing) showed up in the apartment complex, and shortly there after we got our visit (see bright red lights). The guys were great  though and since it was already out they told us the rule: no brush only wood, and went away to deal with some other pyromaniacal trouble makers.

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