Remember last year?

So last year I wrote about our two typical Thanksgiving experiences.  This year was supposed to be the sit down restaurant, but I think my expectations were way, way off. I loved showing off the farm to my Dad for the first time when he stopped on his way through. He is definitely one of my favorite people ever and I’m bummed we didn’t get to hang out more. Dinner was at Grandma’s house and it was fine and really nice, don’t get me wrong. It just didn’t feel different from any other dinner at my Grandma’s house. The food was and is always excellent, I love hanging out there…it just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving. No magic. No This day is special. So today I break out the Christmas books and almost cry reading “The Polar Express.” Pent up holiday emotion? Yeah, I’m going with that.

Most of the country plays football or watches football on this day. We went with a walk and hide and seek. Much less tears that way, but still plenty of running.


First, Little little girl in jeggings made me giggle and prance around the room. Whatever, you would have done the same thing. Second, Little man and his sidekick made me smile, chasing each other all over the walking path behind my mom’s house and playing echo games in the tunnels.


Hanging out before dinner. I have said this before but, my little sisters are not allowed to leave the city. Ever.

I mean they decided to get stuff for sugar cookies and then they made them and helped my kids get sugared up. It was awesome. Beedie, Cally, and Bwenna are the favorite aunts for a reason.


So there is a funny phenomenon that occurs at big family meals. The Kid Table. First you are too little to be at the Kid Table alone so you are at the Adult Table. This is where Layna and Naomi are at. Then you graduate to the Kid Table and you enjoy that for a while. Then you can’t wait to get back to the Adult Table. And by the time you make it back, you have your own kid who is too little to leave the Adult Table so you don’t even get to enjoy it! Who started this madness?! Anyways, my Dad has the right idea. He knows where the fun happens and joined Garyn at the Kid Table.


Mom and GramGram. It is so comforting to know that genetically at least, I have a very good chance of aging beautifully. So the picture of crustless, totally grain free pie. Well that would be what I made for myself so that I could eat dessert. I have been told by reputable sources that I have a pretty strong gluten and corn intolerance. It changed my Thanksgiving a bit but overall it hasn’t been bad dropping all grains and corn from my diet. I have a ton more energy and my moods have not been so erratic. I’ll probably post more about this new development in my life, but the good news is, goat milk and eggs are a big fat thumbs up green light good to go. Phew!

We did it. I picked up the girls at 11:15ish and we went Black Friday shopping. I’m not a huge shopper (I do enjoy it, but with three kids in tow it’s usually more stress than it’s worth), but I was looking forward to hanging out with my girls. They didn’t disappoint. They are freaking hilarious and we had a good time almost getting trapped in the parking lot and being approached by a dude with dreadlocks who asked Brenna if she could tell an Asian boy that he (dreadlocks dude) thought he (Asian kid) was cute. Good times were had by us. And I got cute shirts which were desperately needed. You know your wardrobe is pathetic when you have shirts from highschool and your ten-year reunion is next year. Anyways.

Hope you had a fantabulous Turkey Day and Let the Christmas Season Begin! [jumps up and down wrapped in twinkle lights and bows]

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