take two!

This post is for all of you who were interested in this blog for the aquaponics and farm madness. Sorry it has been a while since I posted about those topics. For everyone else, this is in case you haven’t been in my kitchen lately. You’ve been missing out.


You’re jealous aren’t you? You wish you had a complete hydroponic fodder system in your kitchen don’t you? Please say yes…it will make me feel less nerdy.

So Husband Guy has been really interested in the idea of growing fodder for our goats and chickens hydroponically because it is supposed to be super fast, clean, and crazy economical. We had a system but after one or two good batches it made our whole house smell like a brewery that had been abandoned. With a batch of something left to ferment on it’s own in a “rotten eggs meets a Budwieser truck in a head on collision” sort of a way. Not my favorite thing ever. Then the project was abandoned and we moved on. Until Neil found out that craigslist has a home and farm? garden and yard? weird stuff for your animals? section and he saw pictures of a fodder system. Rather than shell out money he said, “Hey I could build that!” (Is it only me or is that just sexy?) Anyways. He built it and here is where we are at:


On the left is one day along (after soaking for 12ish hours) and on the right is five days along. We are using hulled barley and black oil sunflower seeds. Before you roll your eyes too much, this will drop the cost of us getting milk and eggs significantly and make it easier for us to care for our animals. I am really excited to see how it works and I’ll let you know if my house ends up smelling like a brewery gone wrong. Again.

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