choir boy

I am glad that tone deafness is not a permanent condition, because little man loves to sing. He had a great time participating in a children’s choir that a good friend of mine does every year. They perform with a violin orchestra and a harp group that are based here in the valley. As side note, I really appreciate that as we age, gaps in age matter less and less. Said friend was like mom #2 for me in highschool (she could tell me I was being stupid when my mom was being tactful) and now that I’m less “stupid angsty teenager” and more “fellow mom”, we are good friends. Anyways. She majored in Voice in college, has an amazing voice herself (she sang a Italian aria at our wedding), and most importantly is one of the funniest people that I know. Garyn loved it. Just today he was belting out “Bring a Torch” in French as we walked through Wal-Mart. If that doesn’t kick-start some Christmas Spirit I don’t know what would.


Here is about half of the choir. Most of my pictures are from before they had pizza so no cute red robes.

IMG_4974  IMG_4978

Ok. I have to tell you about the hula number and everything else about this performance that almost made me pee my pants laughing. But first somethings I learned about my son. He has no fear of people or crowds. Mostly I don’t think he even noticed that he was standing in front of 70+ people. Once he learns something, that’s the way it is forever and ever amen. Even if it’s wrong. He is not built to stand still for hours at a time. But back to the Hula number. They sang “Mele Kilikimaka” and did a hula at one point in the song. Without fail Garyn went opposite everyone else. Since he had some pent-up energy from being so still he threw himself into those hand actions with gusto. He also randomly would start jumping. Or messing with other kids robes. Or quietly start chewing on his robe sleeves. My favorite was when he was pulling at the screw on the mic stand in front of him and when he saw me in the back mouthing “STOP” he nodded his head and full-out waved. Everyone turned to see who he waved at and laughed at me while I hid behind my camera. He was the kid everyone watched, because he was being a space cadet and thus inadvertently hilarious.

IMG_5003  IMG_5005

Naomi was thrilled to hug her brother and celebrate that it was over and she no longer had to keep quiet out in the lobby. This is my friend…she is awesome.

IMG_5026  IMG_5018

Two nights later we drove up to St. George and did it all over again. The kids started up on the balconies with the lights down and their little electric candles lit. Then they came down behind the orchestra. Little man slept all the way up, so that combined with being in a totally new fancy place made him much more subdued for this performance.

IMG_5027  IMG_5039

He did great and I teared up a bit when it hit me that this whole thing was his first experience performing. I’m definitely adding to my cache of very cool mom moments.

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