Tickling the Ivories…

I hate this phrase. Tickling the Ivories…who even came up with that? I get its history and all, but yeah, really? However, it does make me laugh and, oddly enough, I think I really fits the way little man approaches the piano. He had his first recital a few weeks ago (I’m way behind on blog posts…I blame the computer. And my Camera. And planetary misalignment.) and he did great. His over all approach to life is, “Of course I’m awesome. And who cares if I screw up? I’m awesome. Oh there were people watching me?” He is following a methodology called Simply Music and as far as I can tell it’s the Hippie-ified version of Suzuki. What can I say? It’s a perfect fit for both of us.

IMG_5007  IMG_5008

Dinner followed by all the students playing. As far as little girl and pictures…yes…well. I’ve made peace with the fact that for the next 3+ years I will not get very many nice pictures of her. So I will henceforth and forthwith be posting the goofiest and silliest pictures of her. Mostly because they all make me smile in a big way and they perfectly capture her right now.

IMG_5010  IMG_5012

So he took a break from singing (loudly and enthusiastically) along to other kids playing to walk up and play his songs. One was called “Chester Chills” and the other was an accompaniment of “Jingle Bells.” We sang, he played. Then he bowed and went back to singing. It is funny to get to know him in new situations. This whole thing didn’t phase him at all. It’s kind of weird to me, because I hyperventilate at the thought of playing in font of people. Anyways. He is getting good and right now my biggest challenge is gently explaining why he should play it though once at the normal speed to humor me (and his teacher) when he feels that lightning fast is way more fun. He’s right of course, but still.

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