I wish I could blow them up…

For real. There were a few magical years in my childhood when my brother, sister, and I would make gingerbread houses and then blow them up with firecrackers. One year my brother couldn’t get the frosting to cooperate so he used spray glue and hot glue…that year his house just caught fire and slowly melted. But then our neighbors complained and that was that. Sigh. With my kids I decided that we would make gingerbread trees, at least until they are old enough to actually enjoy putting an entire house together. It has worked out well and they have fun doing it. And I kind of wish we could blow them up.

IMG_5044  IMG_5045

Little girl kept needing to “clean” her knife with her tongue. Little little girl just happily munched candy and her paper towel.

IMG_5054  IMG_5057

It’s funny that Little man can actually make stuff on his own and doesn’t need or want help. It’s been a common theme this year and overall, it’s kind of awesome.


For the record, if you can work it right, Nerds make excellent decorating candy, coconut works ok as snow, and M&Ms are best just eaten by the handful. Hope December stops sprinting by long enough for you to do something fun and festive. I still am wrapping my head around the fact that Christmas is two weeks away. I won’t really process it until January sometime. Sigh.


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2 responses to “I wish I could blow them up…

  1. What a great idea! I would love to try this with Xander, Are those star shaped cookies?

    • Thanks! I found nesting star cookie cutters at Joanns and I do 2 or so of each size and it makes the perfect Christmas tree. You can either do real gingerbread or put molasses in a sugar cookie recipe like I did this year =)

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