It’s all about scale.

It makes me laugh to think about how much we as a culture/society/whatever, love things that are abnormally tiny and abnormally ginormous. Think baby Chucks. Or think the Bellagio Christmas display. We made our annual trip to see the display and like every year, it was awesome. I mean how could it not be, it’s HUGE!


IMG_5083  IMG_5093

I have said before that I think there is something very valuable (especially for kids) about being made to feel very small. Well the billion foot tall Christmas tree and toy soldiers that could squash you like a bug did it very well.

IMG_5081  IMG_5084

IMG_5097  IMG_5091

Love was in the air. Naomi got to be held by her favorite dad guy the whole time (he’s much nicer than I am), and Garyn got to add a new train to his list of trains that he has seen this year (it was number three and we had a fairly in-depth discussion of this on the way home).  The train also has a camera so you can see what the train sees on various monitors. He is smitten.

I asked both kids which they liked better…the huge glittery snowflakes or the glass covered stars. Little girl said, “The polar bears!” Little man said, “The shiny ones!” Little Little girl just stared at the lights and pointed and giggled. I love my kids.

IMG_5105  IMG_5102

Willing tour guide and willing tour guide-ees?

I do love coming here and it is awesome that we have traditions. And as per a previous post, if you sang that like Tevye… this is me giving you a big fat holiday smooch, mistletoe or no. It is awesome to see little man remembering and looking forward too and instructing his little sister on what is coming up. It’s happening! We have history starting here! [Happy mom sigh].

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