Christmas Presents

This post is me bragging a bit about presents for my kids. I wish I could brag about them being wrapped (I’m maybe half way done, if I kid myself). I wish I was bragging about their Pinterest worthiness (only one is almost nice enough that I’d pin it. If I pinned stuff). These are presents that I made myself with lots of help from friends and Mod Podge. I think that I’m going to try to make the kids some presents every year for Christmas because I want them to learn to make stuff some day. However, me and the elves have a deal worked out on jammies. I make them every other year and the elves pick up my slack on off years (this year is an elf year…Little man is getting bright blue dinosaur footie jammies, little girl is getting a for real princess nightgown, with shimmery poof sleeves and everything, and little little girl is getting soft cuddly awesomeness.)

Without more ado, because I’ve got a nasty cold [shakes fist at universe]…

IMG_5070  IMG_5108

My friend is the food storage queen and I remembered a great idea she had for reusing #10 cans. Cut a hole in the lid, tie some scrap cloth together and boom! you have a baby toy.  Since Layna’s main joy in life is taking things out of other things and putting them back in again, I thought this was a great fit. I covered the outside with scraps of blue and Mod Podge. If you don’t know what Mod Podge is…come over, we will craft.


Little man stores his money in random boxes that just happen to fit inside each other. I thought I’d whip up something more permanent. Thank you nesting cardboard boxes and Mod Podge. Super easy and made me happy. I love cut up magazine letters, even if they are passé and over done. Good thing I’ve already accepted that I like this present way more than little man will…oh well.


Have you heard of Cricuts? They are awe inspiring and a little bit terrifying. The short story is this: I went to a friends house to see about borrowing a cartridge to cut stuff out. I noticed that one of her 8 million cartridges was for paper dolls. That started the wheels turning for little girl and a few long nights later we had this.






The people have Velcro stuck to them and all the clothes also have Velcro. I have big plans for birthday expansions. Think dinosaurs and pioneers and cowboys / Indians! I’m giddy just typing it! Because I’m a geek. My friend thinks we should market sets for next  Christmas and I think there could be something there.

For now I’m off to wrap presents. Or shake my fist some more and die from a stupid cold that hit a few days before Christmas. Meh. Happy Winter Solstice/Day the world didn’t end/4-days-left-to-get-stuff-done day!

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