pregnancy super powers

You or someone you know has most likely experienced this phenomena. That inexplicable primal heightening of the senses when a woman becomes pregnant. Except it sucks. Like whoa. Gladly would I take SubSonic-Hearing (hear trouble before the kids go silent) or Eagle Vision (“You did push your sister! I saw you!” said as I stride across the whole length of the entire playground). Nope. I become Basset Hound Girl. Able to smell poopy diapers before the baby knows she’s pooped! Able to smell cat pee in impossible places…all. over. my. house! (Seriously, if all I had were my nose, I’d swear my cats peed on the ceiling). And our nifty fodder system made it impossible for me to go in the kitchen. We ate out a lot, until my sweet husband dismantled it, pending future scent cooperation. Also you know how much I love to make soap? Yeah, can’t even handle the stuff I have made because the smell is not only too strong, it makes me nauseous. My whole house smells weird to me. Needless to say this has been a bit of a challenge. So as a last ditch effort I’m using this:


It’s cheap and not cute (cats broke the cute one). But it kind of works so that’s something. The only problem is that all I had on hand were wax bricks from 5 years ago, so they are failing me big time. The other problem, when I eventually go stand in front of a shelf full of olfactory solutions, is that I’ll have to pick something that won’t make me sick after it permeates my house. Sigh.

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