Snow Day

It all started when two moms tried to match up schedules over Christmas Break. Between forgotten piano lessons and Grandpa fun days, our play date threatened to be impossible. Then my clever friend invited us to go play in the snow with her and her sister (whom I love) and their cute kids. Ha! Take that Play Date! Improvised snow clothes, a last minute trip to Savers so that little man didn’t have to wear a fuchsia poof jacket, and we were off!

IMG_5327  IMG_5329

Gotta love the novelty factor. They were all smiles and giggles, so excited to be there.

IMG_5346  IMG_5355

Naomi was a champion sledder. I was so impressed/surprised that she insisted on hoisting the sled up the hill for every one of her turns. She is a sled queen.

IMG_5348  IMG_5350

I don’t think this one stopped moving at all the entire hour and 45 minutes that we were there. If he wasn’t sledding he was racing around exploring and falling on his face. He’d laugh then get up and do it again.

IMG_5353  IMG_5359

My friend knows how to throw a party. She graciously trucked hot cocoa and lemon cake and a blanket and napkins up to the bottom of the hill. Little girl loved the hot cocoa, but when she was “over” the whole experience, her borderline cold hot cocoa was burning her mouth and yeah…it was kind of downhill from there. Garyn loved stuffing his face with his mittens on. Apparently that was just as awesome as the cake itself.


We are ending on a happy picture, the last of the day. My kids are desert babies. This girl sat down once without crying. I held her the rest of the time and when we were finally making our way back to the car she had broken down into a constant, steady cry. Naomi was crying too because she was tired and cold, and Little man was getting in on the whiny action because he had gotten snow in his shoes. Turns out that’s kind of cold.

Overall when I think of the planning and work and near car fiasco (turns out our van doesn’t like icy hills so much…sissy van, pfft) it took for maybe an hour and a half adventure, the pragmatist in me says never again. But then the mom in me stuffs a beanie in the pragmatists mouth and laughs remembering Layna giggling at the big kids sledding by and Naomi finally being social with another little girl her age and Little man finding a stump at the top of the hill from which to experience “winter” for one brief second. Meh. It’s hard and bothersome.  But that kind of works for me right now.

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