Is yours as boring as ours?

New Years Eve of course. Last year we got crazy with fireworks, but for the most part we kind of just turn into sloths for one whole glorious night. It is still work for me, with one baby who is not cool with sleeping in strange bedrooms and food to cook now that I make meals all complicated (I’ll explain later). Plus what three year old outlasts everyone else in the house?! Oh…mine. Right. I think I fell asleep when the clock hit 12 (I did get my kiss five minutes early though, thank you).


We do fondue on New Years Eve, and when we started the tradition we were fancy. Like shrimp in herb broth fancy. Now it’s cheesy fondue with stuff to dip and chocolate fondue with stuff to dip and I kind of like the simple approach. That handsome lad is a boyfriend of a sister, and I like him too. She should keep him.

IMG_5317  IMG_5314

Sums up the event for my men.

IMG_5316  IMG_5312

Like wise for my girls. I think Little girl would live on Cuties mandarin oranges and carrots/cucumbers with hummus if I’d let her. Mostly I do.

Layna’s internal monologue —> “Why, Yes. I am the supreme goddess of the universe. Why do you ask?”

IMG_5318  IMG_5321

So until I tried to take pictures, I would have said that teenagers were easier to photograph every time. Nope. My munchkins were happy to sit still for a picture while my sisters and friends were purposefully difficult. Ok fine, that’s not really fair. Most kids zombie out late at night in front of a TV and sister/friends were just getting revved up for wherever they went when they left. I hear it involved parties and cute kisses and DRAMA! but good times overall.

IMG_5323  IMG_20130104_095041

“Whatever! You’d smear Nutella on your face if you could get away with it!” I really like making up stuff for her inner monologue.

Happy New Year. I mostly don’t do resolutions or vague, huge goals at the start of the New Year. I’m constantly planning and re-vamping my paradigm for life as I go along. Unless the new year starts on a Monday. Then I’m all in for resolutions, new plans and fixing everything about me I can think of. I’m a sucker for big new starts on Mondays. However, I do want to pass on something a friend of mine posted on Facebook. He wrote that his girlfriend said something to the effect of “at one moment in time on New Years, for one brief second, everyone…EVERYONE is an optimist. And that is beautiful.” Made me happy and I gained new appreciation for this weird annual milestone where, collectively, we all smile at the possibilities.

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