Jim Gill

[My phone is fired. As soon as it goes the way of all my phones (dropped in water of some sort) I will be getting one with a decent camera. Sigh. These pictures are horrible but since you can kind of tell what’s going on and the event they are from was really cool, you get to see them anyways. Carry on.]

My mom has slowly been passing along all things little kid related since Garyn was born. She taught kinder through fifth grade for 18+ years and she is a packrat. Needless to say she has some pretty cool stuff to pass along. One of my favorite things was a Jim Gill CD. Most little kid performers are at best bland and boring and at worst creepy and weird. This guy is super cool. So my kids love him and he did a free tour at a few libraries around the valley this past weekend. My friend was awesome enough to pass along the info and we got to go.

IMG_20130117_125125  IMG_20130117_122332

The man himself. He talked to the kids a bit after he show and, while being super high energy (I guess you have to be to be a professional kid entertainer) he was nice and fun to talk to.

IMG_20130117_115543  IMG_20130117_120002

These seats lasted about 2 minutes. Then Jim invited us all up to the floor in front of the stage. Love people who get kids!!!

IMG_20130117_115934  IMG_20130117_120104

Don’t let these pictures fool you. I didn’t even bother trying to take pictures of little man dancing. He moved at warp little boy speed the whole time music was going. He’s a fan.

IMG_20130117_115956  IMG_20130117_123515

Likewise this one danced and danced away. Then when she got tired she danced laying on the floor. Also a fan.

Funny story: We were walking out of the library and I asked them if they loved it.

Garyn – YEAH! it was soooo fun, I loved it! It was great!

Naomi – looking dejected as only a three year old can, “I was disappointed.”

Me – “Oh? How come?”

Her – “Because I wanted to be.”

Me – “…”

How profound, my daughter. How profound.

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