of meat and road trips.

We bought a cow! Well an eighth of one anyways and tomorrow when our roosters start crowing in the wee hours, we are headed up to Utah to pick it up in all its frozen, prepackaged glory. It turns out that if you care about high quality meat at all, buying a part (or whole cow) is the way to go…not that we have another way mind you. Whole Foods charges a snobby, foodie price for high quality beef. Sometimes I am a snob. But I don’t have the bank account to be both a foodie and a snob. So off to Utah we go.

IMG_5462  IMG_5461

My girls have been sick and little little girl is very sick. I knew I needed something to make the 12 hours in the car tomorrow bearable for everyone and the solution was a somewhat time intensive sewing project. Then the universe took pity on my sleepless week and both girls crashed this afternoon so I could start and finish the project.

I wish I could do yoga and nap at the same time. Layna is a master multi-tasker.

My babies are all half fish. This would be the second time Naomi has zonked out in the bath tub. I don’t mean to be a bad mom. I just got caught up in sewing and forgot that the water would cool off. Poor thing woke up frozen and cranky so we got her bundled in a diaper and a quilt and she went right back to sleep on the couch.


Does your car look like wild capuchins routinely fight battles in it? Well mine does and I’m sick of throwing away books because they get left on the floor and ruined.  Also road trips = snacks. Snacks = mom having to turn around and feed said capuchins every 3.5 seconds! No more! I made back of the seat holder caddy things.

The great thing about having friends who quilt, is that I end up inheriting the coolest material. The bad thing is that the material is really only good for quilts. I don’t quilt, so lets just say I’m…amassing.


You know how in building they say, “measure twice, cut once”? Well in sewing it should be, “think twice, sew once.” I’ve ripped out so many seams because I didn’t think about what I was doing. Then I finished and realized that, no, I really do want the pocket to open from the top. blah.

A few straight seams, some crazy funky fabric, and I now have two packed, kid-friendly, treasure troves of boredom/hunger fighting goodness in my car.

Oh that weird tie thing at the top left of the one on the right? That was a classic case of me not thinking. Neil asked what it was and I promptly said, “It’s a DECORATION!” He smiled. And wisely said that he liked it. He is a wise one, this husband of mine.

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