Ye Olde Pirate Shirt…

Luckily pirate shirts are easy to throw together. And since they are fairly gender neutral, they can be passed down from brother to sister. Why does all this matter? Because we got to go to a Renaissance Faire, put on by our homeschool group in honor of the older kids completing an intense Shakespeare course.  We needed to dress the part and Little man had out grown his shirt. I made him a new one and got to work on our booth. Every family was asked to choose a booth to be part of a market place and to design a coat of arms to go with it.

IMG_20130131_185735  IMG_20130131_185651

This is the actual McGuire coat of arms. Well minus the cranky goat guy holding a tray of cheese and bread. It should be a knight on a white horse, but I like my goat guy better. I opted for cheese and bread, because I had a hard cheese in the fridge ready to be cut and, honestly, I like to show off. Trader Joe’s supplied a few crusty loaves of bread and some Swiss, gouda, and sharp cheddar to round out the booth. My ego is happy to report that my home-made goat milk cheese was a hit and one person even asked how he could buy some for real (on his fifth or sixth trip back to the booth).

IMG_20130131_184933  IMG_20130131_184858

Have I ever mentioned what a good sport my husband guy is? Years ago I made him a pirate shirt for the Las Vegas Ren Faire, but never finished putting elastic in the sleeve cuffs. So they are a bit long. And baggy. But he loves me, so  happily (and sarcastically) he rolled them up, wore his belt over the shirt, and helped our kids enjoy the market place.

This is Layna’s pirate face and the closest thing I could find to Ren Faire wear. She enjoyed swiping cheese off the table (I think she ate half a wedge of gouda by herself).

IMG_20130131_200632  IMG_20130131_195534

The way the market worked was everyone got a cup full of “ducats” (they were acorns of some sort, I’m guessing from someone’s park or yard.) You could then buy stuff at the booths with the ducats. I think little man’s favorite was the homemade ale (root beer) and sword fighting. Although he did come home with a nifty crown and a jester hat. His new shirt is my best attempt (third times the charm, what?) and he just wore some dark khaki cargo pants and a belt from the dress up bin. I was going to make him a vest or a tunic, but I ran out of time.

IMG_20130131_201136  IMG_20130131_195547

This one came home with a belly full of cheese, root beer, and popcorn and…TWO PRINCESS HATS! It was a good night indeed. Daddy also helped her make a clothes pin doll. I tried to tell her that pirate girls have laces on their shirts and wear their shirts tucked in, but alas, she wouldn’t have it. I tried. The skirt was a mini-ish skirt from my sister that I plan on turning into a real shirt for this one eventually. For now two safety pins were enough.

There are no pictures of me. Which is a shame because I’m not sure when I’ll fit into my pretty Ren Faire corset again. As it was Neil couldn’t pin (I use safety pins up the back because it is another sewing project that I never finished) the bottom and I couldn’t really breathe, especially if I was sitting down. Oh well. I have big plans for a real Elizabethan outfit once I’m back down to a size I would be willing to sew for.

Overall it was awesome and this always strikes me about homeschool kids…no fights, no tears, no drama. Garyn had a conversation with a very tolerant 15 year old girl. Then he went back to running around with his friend who is a very advanced 5 year old, but almost 2 years younger than him. Everyone plays well with everyone and for the most part not one of the kids is socially awkward (including all the teenagers who came to buy bread and cheese). It will be great when that stereotype finally bites the dust. [climbs down from soap box]. I’m so grateful for the work that went into the evening and all the very cool families we get to be friends with.

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