Happy Valentine’s Day!

I was a hater of this holiday for most of my aware life. As a teenager it just underscored the plans I didn’t have but thought I was supposed to have. It got better. Early in our marriage we, of course, always had plans…but I felt a lot of pressure to make it much special-er than it needed to be. When kids came along I felt guilt about not doing more Valentine’s day themed stuff and having a present for them and making a big over-the-top dinner. This year was the first year I really just enjoyed the loves in my life. It felt wonderfully balanced and real, not stressed or pageant like. The all-I-could-eat sushi date had something to do with it I’m sure.

We celebrated over 3 days. Wednesday night me and my sweetheart went out for sushi. I should have taken badly lit pictures. However, I was a bit busy stuffing my face. Neil’s boss has said he wants to die of mercury poisoning, because that will mean that he has maybe eaten all the sushi he wanted to eat in his life. So if Mark gets to choose a place for a business lunch, sushi it is. He loves it and I have never had more than super cheap California rolls, so sushi it was for our date. It’s amazing! I want to be independently wealthy just so we can get sushi once a week and not feel guilty. New favorite food. Garyn did his best grossed out fainting routine when I told him we would be eating raw fish…

IMG_0231  IMG_0232

No that isn’t sushi. It’s vegetable lasagna, that was much more appetizing than this horrible picture would indicate. Thursday I blew up pink balloons and the kids squealed when they woke up to them. We made valentines, went for a long walk, and cleaned the house. Dinner was a new fancy recipe but only two of the three kids liked it. But it was in the crockpot so it was easy. Dessert was a solid win for me. Vanilla ice cream sweetened only with honey and it was as close to perfect as I’ve ever come with an ice-cream. Turns out if you follow the recipe to the letter, good things happen…who knew? Berries on top made it heavenly.

IMG_20130215_105602  IMG_20130215_105618

IMG_20130215_111336  IMG_20130215_111331

Friday morning we had a Valentine’s Day party and exchange with our homeschool group. It was a mostly a 10 minute free for all trying to get the right Valentine to the right kid’s box, but it worked and no one really knew the difference. My friend was brilliant and didn’t put names on them. I liked that little man had to practice writing, addressing all the cards, but next year we might practice another way. They read a story, Little little girl ate ridiculous amounts of dirt (in my defense I did stop her. I was standing and talking and figured she’d try one dirt clod and be grossed out and lesson learned. Maybe she has a mineral deficiency, because she kept at it until I stopped her), and not as much candy was consumed as I had feared.


The day got interesting later when I locked my keys (including car key) in the house after I loaded kids in the car to go to my mom’s. I called Neil, he came home and that was that. Also next to the above picture (taken while we waited for daddy to come undo mommy’s silliness) there should be a picture of the beautiful flowers my husband guy ordered for me. They haven’t gotten here yet, even though they were supposed to be here on Friday. Sigh.

Not everything went accordingly to plan, but it was nice and I think I might just start liking this holiday regularly. I hope yours made you smile. Happy (belated) Valentine’s Day!

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