More Flowers!

My friend is awesome. Awesome like her husband bought her Star Wars character decals to go on the back of their Surburban to represent the family. Or how I sent her a picture of a Star Wars pop-up book when we were at Barnes and Noble and the next time I was at their house, they had it. Needless to say she is a bit of a nerd and a very cool homeschool mom especially when it come to science anything. She invited us over for a plant experiment, because this year she and her kids are doing biology.

IMG_20130222_103306  IMG_20130222_105820

Would like to point out that this is how Layna does science…shows off her walking and plays with toys.

IMG_20130222_103728  IMG_20130222_103041

After my friend explained a bit about plants, we got to it. She put food coloring in water and white carnations in the cups (Naomi was so excited to stir it…that’s her excited face, can’t you tell?)

IMG_20130222_104422  IMG_20130222_105353

It takes a long time for anything with the flowers to happen, but she is a professional mom. She was all set with a thing of clay to make a model of a plant cell.  Everyone grabbed a color and called out an organelle.

IMG_20130222_105546  IMG_20130222_110334

Finishing touches and done. Its amazing how much my kids learned about plant cells in one hour of clay-ing.

IMG_20130222_124652  IMG_20130222_124722

Finished! Kind of! The blue and green worked well, and so did the red. My not so great camera phone didn’t like taking pictures of the red.

So I knew that the petals would change color. I didn’t know that if we split the stem and put one half in one color and the other in another, it doesn’t end up mixed like I had thought. It ends up split! The white petals on the green flower above were because part of the stem was in plain water. I totally thought the blue/red split would end up purple, but no, it was half and half. I love Science!

The kids loved the microscope that hooked up to her laptop and then big screen TV. Pictures of that just didn’t turn out. Although a super close-up view of a scab on a really big screen TV is every bit as gross and weird as I’m sure you can imagine. Yay Science!

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