I miss cereal.

What is a gluten/grain-free pregnant hippie to do!? Psshh. Make granola, of course.

IMG_5524  IMG_5525

My lovely assistant and her awesome new hairstyle! I figured since she was screaming and needed her hair braided anyways, we’d try a French braid. It was cuter two nights ago, but I love it.

IMG_5526  IMG_5536

So this is my new favorite grain-free granola recipe. I’m slowly but surely working my way through her paleo recipes, and she is awesome. Yay for the internet! Layna made it very clear what she needed to have happen with this granola. As. Soon. As. Possible.

IMG_5531  IMG_5530

It made quite a lot when I doubled the recipe, and I’m hoping it lasts for at least two breakfasts between the five of us. Layna also made it clear what she thought of my cooking while not holding her. She is a champion whiner.

IMG_5533  IMG_5532

Here is the best part about making granola instead of buying it. There is about a 15 minute window when it hasn’t cooled all the way from baking. It’s gooey and melty and when you eat it with cold milk, it might just be the most perfect thing ever. Think apple crisp without the actual apples. And you also get to drink cinnamon milk at the end. Mmmmmm…Cinnamon milk.

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