Sugar and Spice…

and everything nice, that’s what our newest baby is made of.


Cute feet and sweet face.


So here is how it went. He measured all the important stuff (she looks perfect, and crazy active) then he did that new fangled 4-D (what does that even mean? Quantum physics majors please help me out here) stuff. She looked like a scary but oddly cute alien. I’m not really a fan. Anyways, he showed us her face straight on and changed the color to blue to humor little man. But then he said that blue wasn’t very fitting and switched to pink, because “this baby is definitely a girl.” Notice the distinct lack of evidence to the contrary in the top picture…there is an arrow pointing at nothing just to clarify.

So don’t judge me. I held it together until we got kids in the car, door closed and I asked Husband guy what he thought. He of course is fine either way and completely un-fazed by anything, ever. That’s when I cried. To be fair to myself, the brilliant mom performance I delivered the previous hour was a little draining. Little Little girl threw up this morning and now that she is two, it’s for-real puke. She didn’t really want anything but before gymnastics I gave her a few bites of applesauce because she seemed interested. Those bites came back while I was standing in line at McDonald’s next in line to order during the lunch rush. All over my shoulder and back and totally splatted the floor. I rocked that situation hard core, kept my cool, got everyone fed and back out the door to be on time to the ultrasound. There was more rough day but that’s the impressive part.

Walking out of the appointment, Little man turned and smiled and said “I just can’t wait to hold the new baby!” He wanted a brother, but mostly I think he is just happy with a new baby on the way. That helped me a lot. Also looking at names and settling on a middle name helped to. I still have some processing to do, plans to change, and an entire future to re-imagine and I have no idea where to start. But that’s ok. Babies are like that. They smell good and cuddle good and smile real good to make up for it.

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