Big Plans!

We have moved on quite a lot from my last post. Baby balls of cheeping fluff are awesome like that.



The Plan was to get 10 Leghorns and 5 Rhode Island Reds. However. I married a man whose life motto is “I can, there fore I should.” So because the feed store had a “buy 12 get 1 for 1 cent” thing going we got 13 leghorns. They didn’t have any Rhode Islands, so we went to the feed store by our house, and Neil came out of the store with 6 chicks. He managed to get away with it for about an hour. Tricksy husbandses!

IMG_5613  IMG_5614

Here are two of the four babies I posted about last week. They are all big and in their coop/run outside now and doing great.

IMG_5610  IMG_5611

Our poor wounded veterans. They are all doing better…healing and getting back to laying, but it’s still hard being down to 9 from 24. I’m only missing our one rooster because he was beautiful. The crowing NOT happening is quite nice.

So The Plan is as follows: raise/nurse back to health all of the above and by September have 37 laying hens (if none of our chicks are a surprise rooster). With the higher laying birds, that puts us at roughly 12 dozen a week.

The Plan for Goaties: Breed Frosty soon, then she will throw/drop/get borned (Naomi’s way of explaining it) kids in the fall. Then we will breed Wishes in the fall for spring babies. Glee! I love baby goaties!

The Plan for Rabbits: Get some in June-ish (if we can be good and wait that long). Start breeding them. See if I like how rabbit tastes…I’ve heard very good things. Turns out, going from cute and cuddly to dinner is way easier than with chickens. Unfortunately, I’m torn about how much blogging I’ll be doing about this Plan. PETA activists showing up at our farm and being annoying is not something I’m ok with. Sigh.

The Plan for the Garden: There is a plan…it is in my head, somewhere partially hidden in the pregnancy fog, but it’s there! Big project for the fall…

But, Happy Spring! and more fun stuff to follow this week and most of April will be catching up from all the fun. Yay!

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